Why people love us

Feeling More Positive ♥️

“Since I started using Flower Essences, I experienced a change in general anxiety and I am feeling more positive. I also have more awareness about my self-care and self-love.” -Lara

I Love Hello Sunshine! ♥️

“It has been such a powerful experience. I love everything about the Hello Sunshine range. The support, love, and attention to detail that goes into every parcel are amazing! -Christa

Little Magic Potions ♥️

“I don’t look at flowers the same anymore. They’re little magic potions! I have shifted so many negative emotions with Flower Essences. I also love the energy mists – they are amazing.” -B.L.

Nourishing & Supportive  ♥️

The Love Box is such a wonderful idea! I love the affirmations and journaling prompts. The Flower Essences are nourishing and is supporting me on a deeper level.” -D.A.

Gorgeous Love Box ♥️

“Thank you for the gorgeous Love Box. It is fabulous to receive such a stunning gift on your doorstep! I am also enjoying the Flower Essences, your teachings and the Energy Mists!” -Anna

Feeling Calmer ♥️

“I am much calmer since I started using the Flower Essences and it feels like there is a lot more space in my life. Flower Essences offers a very gentle and subtle support system.” -C.D.

Massive Shifts ♥️

“Since I started using Flower Essences, I’ve made massive shifts to honour my inner-child. I am making progress beyond anything I’ve experienced before. Thank you so much!” -Marilize

I Enjoy Using Flower Essences ♥️

 “I’m really enjoy using Flower Essences. So many things have shifted. Hulda has truly created magic with the Hello Sunshine Flower Essence range. I am deeply grateful.” -M.S.

Insights & Inspiration ♥️

“I’ve had a lot of creative insights and inspirations using Flower Essences. I would definitely recommend them to people who are feeling stuck and are looking for answers and movement.” -Jan

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