As someone constantly on the go, my mind often feels like a whirlwind of to-do-lists. It feels as there is just never enough time in the day! The little stresses of life can pile up and make me feel overwhelmed.

As a Holistic Practitioner, I created the Stress Less Flower Formula during a time when I experienced loads of anxiety and overwhelm, and it has been a real gamechanger!

Whenever I am feeling frazzled, flower essences are my secret weapon to finding balance.

Stress is a normal part of life, but accumulated stress can impact our mental health. It can show up as irritability, anger, a feeling of loss of control, insomnia, fatigue, sadness, or poor memory. In the long run stress can also lead to more serious health challenges.

When we feel stressed, our emotions are out of balance. Flower essences can help restore balance and emotional stability.

I truly believe flower essences have helped me to stress less and to live life with more joy, ease and confidence.

Stress Less Flower Formula may help you:
  • Be more patient with yourself and others.
  • Focus on what is most important in the moment.
  • Courage to face challenges.
  • Calm repetitive thoughts.
  • Release stress and tension in the body.
  • Experience more peace and clarity.

Flower Essence Benefits in Stress Less

Hello Sunshine Stress Less

ALOE VERA: Nourish the Spirit

Aloe Vera Flower Essence is nourishing and soothing and helps us to restore our balance. It helps us to replenish our vital energies. Helps us to stay cool and calm during times of stress. Aloe Vera activates self-care and self-nourishment. It’s like a soothing hug for your soul.

Did you know?
Aloe Vera is a powerhouse of various health benefiting properties. Wild species have been known to survive for 100 years. It is considered an adaptogen, which invigorates or strengthens the system. Cleopatra loved rubbing Aloe Vera all over her body. Yes, it’s truly fit for a queen!

Aloe Vera

BORAGE: Nature’s Merry Maker

Feel like life is getting you down? Borage Flower Essence increases optimism, gives you fresh hope, and confidence so that you can move through life’s challenges. Her tiny blue and purple flowers are like little fountains of hope.

Did you know?
In ancient times, Borage was considered a plant capable of warding off sadness and for the Greeks and Romans, Borage was a symbol of courage. Also called Nature’s Merry Maker!


DANDELION: Releases built-up Stress

Dandelion represents sun energy and activates ease and enjoyment of life. With her fluffy yellow blooms, she helps us to relax, let go and be in the flow. A wonderful essence to apply topically to stiff or sore muscles. Simply place a few drops on your hands and rub it into tensed muscles. Dandelion Flower Essence is also a powerful emotional cleanser.

Did you know?
Dandelions are more nutritious than most of the plants and veggies in your garden. The name dandelion comes from the French for ‘tooth of the lion‘ because their lion-toothed leaves healed so many ailments.


BOTTLEBRUSH: Support during Challenges

Bottlebrush Flower Essence promotes a sense of inner calm and bring balance during times of stress and overwhelm. Bottlebrush sees you through challenges like moving to a new home, starting a new job, becoming a parent, or dealing with loss. Your best friend in a bottle!

Did you know?
The name “Bottlebrush” comes from the cylindrical, brush-like flowers that resemble the shape of a bottle brush. The vibrant, nectar-filled flowers are a magnet for fees, birds, and other pollinators.


IMPATIENCE: Activates Patience

Impatience Flower Essence is for those who are impatient, quick in action and thought and wish things to be done without delay. Impatience brings forth patience and the ability to slow down and be more present with ourselves and others.

Did you know?
Impatiens was the first flower remedy made by Dr. Edward Bach. He was best known for developing the Bach Flower Remedies. Impatience Flower Essence can also be found in modern day Rescue Remedy.


RAGWORT: Calms the Mind

Ragwort Flower Essence support us to feel stable during times of change. It quiets racing thoughts and and bring calm during of chaos. A great support for when you are going through big life changes or daily stresses.



The Stress Less Mist contains flower essences and luxurious essential oils to help you find your balance. It smells like golden honey, with woody undertones and sparks of citrus. Absolutely divine!

Stress Less Mist

Essential oils in Stress Less Mist:

Sandalwood (Amyris): This precious oil is known for its warm, woody scent that can help create a sense of tranquility and relaxation. It promotes a calming atmosphere and reduce stress levels.
The uplifting and grounding aroma of this oil is uplifting and supports our emotional wellbeing. It may reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.
Sweet Orange: 
Ancient folk recipes tell that sweet orange essential oil boosts optimism, natural charm and self-confidence. It’s an energy booster and brings peace and tranquility.
Clary Sage: It’s sweet-smelling aroma is comforting and mood-enhancing. Clary Sage can boost our confidence and mental strength 

For best results, mist yourself (or your office or bedroom) a few times per day. You can also use the Stress Less Mist together with the Stress Less Flower Formula drops.


  • You are experiencing stress, anxiety or overwhelm.
  • You feel there is not enough time in the day.
  • You are juggling too many balls and can’t seem to focus on one thing at a time.
  • Feeling frazzled and off centre.
  • You are impatient with yourself and others.
  • Great for the whole family, especially during exams or for the little ones dealing with life’s challenges.
  • You have daily challenges like meeting deadlines, being a parent, moving house, changing jobs, or simply being human.



  • Experience more patience with yourself and others.
  • Increased peace and calm.
  • Improved clarity and focus.
  • Confidence and courage to deal with everyday challenges.
  • Being more present & enjoying the moment.
  • Improved self-care and self-nourishment.
  • A calmer mind.

My goodness, I can’t believe how much Flower Essences have helped me to chill out. That is why I am so grateful I discovered Flower Essences. I have seen huge benefits not jut in my own life, but also in the lives of my family and clients.

Please don’t take my word for it, give Stress Less Flower Formula a try! You might just find that they bring a bit more peace and balance to your hectic life.

I look forward to hearing from you with regards to your experience with flower essences.

With love & blossoms,