Hearts & Sparkles Little Love Box


I am so excited to announce the Hearts & Sparkles LOVE BOX for November!

Our hearts hold so many emotions. Our hopes and dreams, fears and failures,  love and loss, and even sadness and gladness. Sometimes our hearts are bursting with joy, and other times they feel heavy and unsteady.

If you are ready to dissolve some emotional baggage and infuse your heart with more courage, this Love Box is for you!

🌸Emotional support, courage, optimism, joy, dissolving old emotions, forgiveness & letting go.

Recommended for:
🌸When you feel your heart has lost its sparkle, sadness, negativity, a heavy heart, sorrow, disappointment, fear in the future.

Herewith a list of the beautiful flower essences in the Hearts & Sparkles Flower Formula:

  • Borage: Increases optimism, gives you fresh hope and confidence so that you can move through life’s challenges.
  • Sugarbush Protea: Helps us if we have lost the sweetness in our lives. She invites us to drink nectar from our own cups and to find the magic in the mundane. Also connects us to our inner child.
  • Pansy: Also called “hearts ease”, this flower supports us to untangle any heavy emotions that we are carrying. She helps us to clear out the old and welcome the new!
  • Wild White Rose: She is nourishing and cleansing. She is a bright light that combs through any dark clouds, and connect us with divine support from the Universe.

The Aromatherapy Energy Mist is infused with flower essences, as well as pure essential oils.

Hearts & Sparkles wrap you in a light silk shawl of wood and spices, layered with lush florals and vanilla undertones. With essential oils of:

  • Rosewood essential oil is sweet yet woodsy and spicy, with a beautiful balance of deep forest aroma and delicate enticing floral notes. It is emotionally calming and increases joy and self-esteem.
  • Rose Geranium is fresh, sweet and herbaceous. This essential oil helps to balance our hormones and our nervous system, while lifting depression and relieving anxiety.
  • Balsam of Peru and Tonka Bean, with their creamy vanilla undertones, have a warm sensual, and velvety aroma. Both these essential oils are emotionally uplifting and balancing.

You will also receive a delicious Glowing Goddess Ritual Bath Soak, infused with flower essences and essential oils of Rose and Mandarin. Simply divine!

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Please note, orders close on 3 November 2023, so hurry!


Flower Essences can support your personal and spiritual growth.

They also make wonderful gifts for a group of friend or your team at work!

“I’ve had a lot of creative insights and inspirations using Flower Essences. I would definitely recommend them to people who are feeling stuck and are looking for answers and movement.” -Jan