Elderflower Flower Essence ~ Guiding Light

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Elderflower Flower Essence embodies the wisdom of the Great Goddess. She is a guiding light that illuminates our path during times of darkness. She protects and uplifts the spirit.

🌸Promotes: Strength, ancient wisdom, sacred rituals, inner guidance, support, sparks your inner light, inner-beauty, and youthfulness.

🌸Recommended for: Stagnant or heavy emotional energy, self-acceptance, feeling your age, and support during “the dark night of the soul.”

A beautiful and powerful essence to bring more light into your life!

Elderflower is also in Wisdom & Guidance Flower Elixir and Wisdom & Guidance Energy Mist


Elderflower Flower Essence carry the healing power of flowers. Unlike essential oils, it contain no scent/smell.

Flower Essences supports our emotional, mental and spiritual well being.

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Additional information


30ml, Bulk – 30ml (10 units)

How to use

🌺Gently shake, then take 4 drops on tongue or in water 4 x per day.
🌺A 30ml bottle lasts approximately one month when used consistently.
🌺Make it fun: Add it to your smoothies, morning tea, or your bottle of drinking water.


🌺Hello Sunshine Flower Essences are lovingly in made by hand in South Africa, according to the method of Dr Edward Bach.
🌺Flower Essences are catalysts for healing and transformation.
🌺Using them is a gentle yet powerful process that unfolds over a few days or even weeks.
🌺Flower essences work best as part of a holistic self-care program.
🌺Can be taken with food, drink or medication.


Purified Water, Brandy (preservative), Vegetable Glycerine (preservative), Elderflower Flower Essence, Golden Yarrow Flower Essence, Pink Water Lily Flower Essence.