Treat yourself, or a special mom to a Mama Magic Gift Box!

Mama Magic Flower Formula is especially made to relieve stress and overwhelm, and to encourage more self-care, wisdom and patience.

Mama Magic has been created for moms of all ages and stages, because all mamas can do with more self-love.

Flower Essences can support us emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

If you are curious about Flower Essences or want to experience something new, this Mama Magic Gift Box is for you!

They also make wonderful gifts!
Mama Magic Gift Box

What's in the Mama Magic Gift Box?

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Benefits of using Flower Essences

🌸 They help us to release old patterns, emotional pain, and limiting beliefs.

🌸 Increases joy, optimism, clarity, and creativity.

🌸 Connects us to our inner wisdom.

🌸 Increases self-awareness and self-love.

They are like having an angel in your pocket or a spiritual teacher in a bottle.


β€œI am much calmer since I started using the Flower Essences and it feels like there is a lot more space in my life. Flower Essences offers a very gentle and subtle support system.” -C.D.

β€œSince I started using Flower Essences, I experienced a change in general anxiety and I am feeling more positive. I also have more awareness about my self-care and self-love.” -Lara

Hello Sunshine Mama Magic Gift Box

Mama Magic Flower Formula

This Flower Formula works energetically to cultivate patience and embrace all the challenges that come with motherhood.

Aloe Vera is calming and soothing, whilst Magnolia encourages self-nourishment.
Zinnia helps us to feel more joyful, while Impatience helps us to be more patient with ourselves and others.
Pink Water Lily, which fills us with love and nourishment, and Golden Yarrow, which protects our energy field.
Borage invigorates mama’s enthusiasm and optimism for life.
Rose quartz gem essence is soothing and promotes love and inner calm. It’s like having your own cheerleader!

Mama Magic Aromatherapy Mist

Elevate your mood and awaken your senses! Infused with the healing properties of essential oils and Flower Essences.

Are you feeling frazzled? Need an instant shift? Mama Magic Aromatherapy Mist is your best friend in a bottle!

Infused with soothing lavender, a burst of bergamot, and exotic ylang ylang essential oils. Simply divine!

πŸ’– 100% Natural

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Hello Sunshine Mama Magic Gift Box

Mama Magic Ritual Bath Soak

Create a sacred space for some well deserved me-time!

Mineral salts infused with precious flower essences and luxurious essential oils.

Give yourself the gift of a transformative Mama Magic Ritual Bath Soak with soothing lavender, bergamot, and exotic ylang ylang.

Self-care has never felt this good!

Journaling Prompts + Affirmations

You will receive 30 engaging journaling prompts to give you more direction on your self-love journey.

It is proven to reduce stress, help us find inspiration, and help us keep track of our progress.

People use positive affirmations to encourage positive changes in their lives. It replaces negative thoughts and beliefs with positive ones.

These are some of the most powerful self-care tools!


Hello Sunshine Mama Magic Gift Box

This Mama Magic Box is for you if:

πŸ’œΒ You are a mom to kids, fur babies, or even a big project, and need extra emotional support.

πŸ’œYou are feeling anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed.

πŸ’œYou can do with extra self-care resources.

πŸ’œYou want to gift yourself (or another mommy) something yummy.


4 Reasons to Invest in a Mama Magic Box

πŸ’œ It’s magical! We all love flowers and how they make life more beautiful.

πŸ’œ Self-care made easy with sacred self-care resources.

πŸ’œ They are super delicious and 100% natural.

πŸ’œ Made with love in South Africa.

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Mama Magic Gift Box FAQs

  • You can order this Gift Box any time you want.
  • It will be delivered to the chosen address between 2 – 5 days.
  • You will also receive an email with a Flower Essence Self-Care Guide.

Every flower has a unique healing signature. Flower Essences is liquid infusions made of fresh flowers. They contain the vibrational imprint of the flowers.

Hello Sunshine Flower Essences are lovingly made by hand, according to the methods of Dr Edward Bach in South Africa, using only the finest natural ingredients.

The liquid infusion is preserved in 20% brandy and vegetable glycerine. If you are sensitive to alcohol, you can apply it to your pulse points.

  • Flower essences help to dissolve and purify unhealthy mental, emotional, and spiritual patterns that can stop us from achieving our full potential.
  • Flower essences can help transform aspects of ourselves for greater joy, purpose, or peace.
  • We can release blockages that are keeping us stuck.
  • They can help us can gain more self knowledge, self love and personal growth.
  • We may experienced heightened emotions for a short period of time as we release old stuff.

Simply take 4 drops 4 times a day under the tongue or in water.

  • Alternatively, take 8 drops in the morning and 8 drops at night.
  • You can add it to a bottle of drinking water, to coffee, tea, smoothies or even a glass of wine.
  • You can even add it to your bath water or beauty products. Have fun with it!
  • If you are sensitive to alcohol, apply it to your pulse points.
  • If you miss a day, don’t stress.
  • However, the best results are seen with consistent use.

πŸ’šThey are 100% natural and safe to use.

πŸ’šThey are non-toxic and can be used with other medication and treatments.

πŸ’šA typical 4-drop dose contains less than one drop of brandy.

πŸ’šSafe for pregnant women, babies and animals.

πŸ’šCan be taken any time of the day with food or beverages.

Spritz above your head, neck, and shoulders for an instant shift in energy.

Do this 4 times a day, if you can. Clear your space by misting your living area, office, or car. Avoid contact with eyes.

Give yourself the gift of a transformative ritual bath soak.

Single-use healing mineral salts infused with precious flower essences and luxurious essential oils.

Create a sacred space for some well deserved me-time.

Keep out of reach of children.

Although flower essences can have immediate, short-term effects, the most profound results are seen over a few weeks. The secret to with working with Flower Essences is consistency.

Yes, you can! Simply fill out the Online Order Form and specify your friend’s contact details, email address, and delivery address.

Yes, I have a whole range of single Flower Essences, Flower Formulas, as well as Energy Mists. You can download the catalogues here:


There will be a link in the catalogues that will allow you to order. Alternatively, click here to place your order.

Click here for more information and FAQs.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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