How do I choose Flower Essences?

With all the flower essences available to us, it can be hard to choose. We might need different flowers at different times in our lives. Herewith a few suggestions:

Intuitive Approach
What flowers are calling you? Choose a flower essence or formula that you feel most attracted to. Trust your gut and remain open.

Choose with Intention
Here you can ask questions like, what is my intention? What would I like to let go of?
 What would I like to change? Honest self reflection is important. Use the search box on the website for easy reference.

Order a Love Box
Can’t make up your mind? Order a Love Box and be surprised! Every month is different, but you will know exactly what is in the box. Orders close on the 24th of every month.

Book a Consultation
Book an online consultation with me to get your own Custom-Made Formula tailored for your needs. Your remedy will be couriered to you and will last you about a month. I will check in with you after two weeks.

How do I use Flower Essences?

Take 4 drops 4 x per day under the tongue or with water.
You can also add it to your bottle of drinking water, tea, coffee or smoothies. This way we are introducing it more often to the body. They don’t have a scent or smell.
Using them is a gentle yet powerful process that unfolds over a few days or even weeks. The secret is patience and consistency.  If you are sensitive to alcohol, place a few drops on your pulse points.
I also created beautiful Aromatherapy Energy Mists. Spritz above your head and shoulders for an instant positive energy shift. They are infused with both flower essences and essential oils and smell super delicious!
Hello Sunshine Flower Essences Instructions - 4