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Benefits of Using Flower Essences

  • Help you move past fears and limiting beliefs.
  • Opens and unlock blockages in your inner beings.

  • Connects you to your inner wisdom.
  • Helps you reach our goals.
  • Improves your relationships.
  • Releases trauma, grief, emotional pain and anger.
  • Opens you up to new ideas and awarenesses.
  • They are 100% natural and don’t interfere with medication, food or beverages.

What could I expect using flower essences?

Flower essences floods our bodies with light and breathes new life into our beings. They could stir up old emotions that needs to be released – this will pass in a few days.
Short term:
  • You start to experience new awarenesses.
  • Strong emotions start softening and emotional tension starts dissolving.
  • Releasing of pent-up emotions.
  • Increased dreams and synchronicities.
Long term:
  • You dissolve old emotions, grief, fear and trauma.
  • You have greater clarity about your path.
  • Your inner environment starts changing, and your outer environment reflects it back to you.
  • You become bolder, travel lighter, and access more of your inner light.

To really notice any changes and the effects of Flower Essences, I suggest journaling or taking notes.

When you have finished your Flower Essence/Formula, you can check back on your notes to observe any changes or improvements.

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